“Personnel for your next Commercial Endeavor”

Staffing & Mobile Work Crews

Lark Enterprises, Inc. believes that everyone is “abled.”  We grow people’s strengths and lessen their weaknesses, so everyone may have work opportunities.  Every day, we support people who have dis“ABILITIES” to find and keep great jobs in their communities.  One way to accomplish our goal is through our staffing and mobile work crew division.  We focus on people’s individual abilities, job skills and interest. Just like all staffing companies, Lark uses temporary job assignments and work skills training to help individuals find their employment niche.

In our mobile work crews model, we bring a team of individuals, supervised by one of our job coaches, to your location.  These positions may last for whatever duration your business needs.  In our individuals staffing model, an individual may work at your location with our help and support.  

Why should you consider recruiting from our labor pool?

First and foremost, it makes good business sense.  With our country facing full employment, you will need to consider other solutions for your business to grow.  Through using people who are differently “ABLED” you will expand the pool of qualified and dependable people who will be an asset to your company.       

Typical Services Include:

  • Seasonal production increases
  • New facility start-up
  • Scheduled facility maintenance
  • Facility relocation
  • Reduce inefficiencies associated with tardiness, turnover, retraining and retention
  • Solution for when you face an unreliable labor pool
Scott Campbell

Director of Small Group Employment

Office:  724-658-5676
Fax:  724-658-6464
Email:  scambell@larkent.org

Dave Freshcorn

Director of Production

Office:  724-658-5676
Fax:  724-658-6464
Email:  dfreshcorn@larkent.org

Wendy McCutcheon

Senior Director of Support Services

Office:  724-657-2001
Fax:  724-652-6538
Email: wmccutcheon@larkent.org


Through the generous support of donors like you, Lark Enterprises, Inc. has been providing day services to individuals with disabilities since 1957. Because of you, we are able to offer real work experiences and high-quality, cost-effective services and supports for individuals from western Pennsylvania. Each year, Lark supports over 300 people with disabilities to reach their vocational and social goals. With community support, “doors” to employment and social engagement open for all individuals with disabilities, no matter their challenges. Your gift allows us to think “outside the box” as we support the employment and social endeavors of these individuals.

Endowment Fund

Lark’s Endowment Fund has been established to allow Lark to further our operating processes. This fund supports our mission through the income generated by the Fund’s capital investments. Your donation to Lark’s Endowment Fund ensures the long-term financial health of our agency and our ability to reach the needs of the people we support.


General Fund

Lark’s General Fund contains the resources to sustain the day-to-day activities of our agency. Your donation to Lark’s General Fund ensures that funding is available for the everyday needs of the agency and the people we support.


Capital Fund

Lark’s Capital Fund contains the resources for our special projects that go beyond the day-to-day activities of our agency. This fund allows us to reach the special needs of the individuals we support through major capital purchases. Your donation to Lark’s Capital Fund ensures funding is available for major purchases for facility maintenance, programming needs and supplies, and major equipment.