Community Participation Support

Lark’s Community Participation Support provides you with opportunities and support for community inclusion in order to build interest in and develop skills for competitive integrated employment. Our services give you the opportunity to participate in a broad range of community included activities, such as Meals on Wheels, visits to local employers, the Humane Society, local restaurants, community events, etc. in order to build on your interests, preferences, gifts and strengths. You will select the activities to reflect your desired outcomes related to employment, community involvement and membership. This service may also be used to support your time in our facility based work opportunities that are not social enterprises.


The CPS staff will help you to participate in integrated community settings, in activities that involve other people in your community. Through this service you will develop a range of social roles and relationships; build natural supports; increase independence; increase potential for employment; and experience meaningful community participation and inclusion. Your activities will include the following supports;

  • Activities to develop skills for competitive integrated employment;
  • Participation in community activities, organizations, groups, associations or clubs to develop social networks;
  • Involvement in activities that provide purpose and responsibility;
  • Fine and gross motor development and mobility;
  • Participation in community opportunities related to the development of hobbies or leisure/cultural interests or to promote health and wellness:
    • Yoga classes
    • Hiking groups
    • Walking groups
    • Photography
    • Scrapbooking


Community Participation Support is provided in the following settings:

  • Vocational Facilities – prevocational services focus on developing competitive worker traits through work as the primary training method.
  • Community Locations – locations around our community, such as libraries, restaurants, community centers, etc.
  • Community Hubs – locations throughout our community that serve as gathering places from which we disperse to inclusive settings in the community. During inclement weather these locations may serve to house the group until the weather clears and leaving is safe.


The following jobs are available at our vocational facilities:

  • Apparel
  • Assembly and Packaging
  • Auto Detailing
  • Delivery Services
  • Food Preparation and Service
  • Janitorial Services
  • Material Handling
  • Record Maintenance
  • Recycling Services
  • Screen Printing
  • UPS and Mail Services

For participants 18 years and older.


Community Participation Support staff members are comprised of job coaches who support work in the facilities or support engagement in the community. Program specialists help to develop work goals or social goals so that you may develop the skills and competencies needed to pursue competitive integrated employment. Production Coordinators at each building ensure that work is always available and training is always occurring. The Production Director oversees the operations, so that employment is possible in our social enterprises or in other community locations. All staff members are highly trained in the knowledge of their specific responsibilities.

Program Specialists hold Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) Certification. This enables program specialists to be highly qualified in the Association of People Supporting Employment First (ASPE) nationally recognized first formal set of competencies for employment providers. These competencies cover the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in the field of employment for people with disabilities. ACRE refined and expanded ASPE competencies to allow for multiple approaches to employment for people with disabilities, including competitive employment, Customized Employment, supported employment, and small group employment.


Community Participation Support is funded through Waiver Services (Base, Person/Family Directed Support Waiver, Consolidated Waiver, Community Living Waiver) or private pay.

For further information, please contact:
Wendy McCutcheon

Senior Director of Support Services

Office: 724-657-2001
Fax: 724-652-6538


Through the generous support of donors like you, Lark Enterprises, Inc. has been providing day services to individuals with disabilities since 1957. Because of you, we are able to offer real work experiences and high-quality, cost-effective services and supports for individuals from western Pennsylvania. Each year, Lark supports over 300 people with disabilities to reach their vocational and social goals. With community support, “doors” to employment and social engagement open for all individuals with disabilities, no matter their challenges. Your gift allows us to think “outside the box” as we support the employment and social endeavors of these individuals.

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