About Us

Lark is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing high-quality programs and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disorders (ID and Autism), as well as people with mental health concerns. We reach our mission, purpose and vision through a unique blending of a human service agency and social enterprises dedicated to maximizing the human potential of people striving for independence, choice and opportunity.

Our programs and services help people to:
Develop their skills,
Gain an understanding of their strengths, abilities, and interests,
Explore career paths,
Find and maintain integrated competitive employment.

The work that we do at Lark would not be possible without the support of local and regional business and industry. We provide businesses with the services and solutions to meet their needs and they provide our people with important work experience. With our wide range of programs and services and our close relationship with business and industry, we are able to help people meet their goals, reach their dreams and attain an improved quality of life.

Board of Directors

Mr. Roger Zallon, President

Dennis Alduk, First Vice President

Bob Barella

Charlotte Bolinger, Treasurer

Justin Bruce, Immediate Past President

Robert Christoff

Jack Frazier

Patricia Germanski, Second Vice President

Janice Himes, Auxiliary President

Mary Hoffman, Secretary

Ryan C. Long, Counsel

Francis Manfredi

Anthony Mastrangelo

Greg Measel

Charlotte Cheffiend & Terry Stramba

Jack Seltzer

Charlotte Sheffield

Dan Vogler

Executive Leadership

Program Leadership

Memberships and Affliations

National Council of SourceAmerica Employers
Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce
First National Insurance Agency
Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce
Lawrence County Tourist Promotion Agency
Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO)
Rehabilitation of Community Providers Association (RCPA)
The Provider Alliance (TPA)
TJS Insurance
Unique Source
United Way of Lawrence County

Our Commitments

We are committed to supporting Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns in "achieving" improved quality of life by..


cknowledging the right of all individials to be treated with respect and dignity


reating high quality services and supports


elping all individuals to reach independence


ndividualizing the rehabilitative needs of those we support


nsuring the health and safety of all individuals


aluing all individuals


nspiring diversity and cultural competence within the organization


urturing teamwork


aining optimum levels of employment for the individuals we support


Through the generous support of donors like you, Lark Enterprises, Inc. has been providing day services to individuals with disabilities since 1957. Because of you, we are able to offer real work experiences and high-quality, cost-effective services and supports for individuals from western Pennsylvania. Each year, Lark supports over 300 people with disabilities to reach their vocational and social goals. With community support, “doors” to employment and social engagement open for all individuals with disabilities, no matter their challenges. Your gift allows us to think “outside the box” as we support the employment and social endeavors of these individuals.

Endowment Fund

Lark’s Endowment Fund has been established to allow Lark to further our operating processes. This fund supports our mission through the income generated by the Fund’s capital investments. Your donation to Lark’s Endowment Fund ensures the long-term financial health of our agency and our ability to reach the needs of the people we support.


General Fund

Lark’s General Fund contains the resources to sustain the day-to-day activities of our agency. Your donation to Lark’s General Fund ensures that funding is available for the everyday needs of the agency and the people we support.


Capital Fund

Lark’s Capital Fund contains the resources for our special projects that go beyond the day-to-day activities of our agency. This fund allows us to reach the special needs of the individuals we support through major capital purchases. Your donation to Lark’s Capital Fund ensures funding is available for major purchases for facility maintenance, programming needs and supplies, and major equipment.