Who We Are

Lark Enterprises, Inc. is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization and day services provider, providing job training and social engagement opportunities for people with significant disabilities and other barriers to employment and community engagement. Lark provides people with cognitive, developmental, social, behavioral and mental health challenges a place to demonstrate their abilities, learn new skills, venture into the community and develop connections that may result in integrated competitive employment and/or social engagement within their community.

  • The mission of Lark Enterprises, Inc. is to help individuals become self-reliant and integrated into the community through greater independence, choice and opportunity.
  • The purpose of Lark Enterprises, Inc. is to provide a continuum of rehabilitative services and supports for persons who meet barriers to employment.
  • Lark’s vision is to continuously improve an effective system of accessible services and supports that are flexible, innovative and person-centered.

How Can We Help You?


Lark Business Solutions are based on the premise that we can help your business to get the work done that you do not have time or staffing to complete. No job is too big or too small. We will come to you or handle your work at either of our dedicated production facilities.

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Lark is committed to providing you high-quality programs and services so that you may live an independent and meaningful life. We provide opportunities for you to demonstrate your abilities, learn new skills, participate in the community and develop connections that may result in integrated competitive employment of your choosing.

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Lark has a new online store. We’re kicking things off with shirts that encourage us to stay strong and keep a positive attitude during this pandemic. We’re just getting started with our merchandise. Keep checking back as we add more products including popular items with our Lark logo and new holiday designs. For decades, our Screen Print Department has created unique designs, and now you can order them right from home. Check out our store today!



Through the generous support of donors like you, Lark Enterprises, Inc. has been providing day services to individuals with disabilities since 1957. Because of you, we are able to offer real work experiences and high-quality, cost-effective services and supports for individuals from western Pennsylvania. Each year, Lark supports over 300 people with disabilities to reach their vocational and social goals. With community support, “doors” to employment and social engagement open for all individuals with disabilities, no matter their challenges. Your gift allows us to think “outside the box” as we support the employment and social endeavors of these individuals.

Endowment Fund

Lark’s Endowment Fund has been established to allow Lark to further our operating processes. This fund supports our mission through the income generated by the Fund’s capital investments. Your donation to Lark’s Endowment Fund ensures the long-term financial health of our agency and our ability to reach the needs of the people we support.


General Fund

Lark’s General Fund contains the resources to sustain the day-to-day activities of our agency. Your donation to Lark’s General Fund ensures that funding is available for the everyday needs of the agency and the people we support.


Capital Fund

Lark’s Capital Fund contains the resources for our special projects that go beyond the day-to-day activities of our agency. This fund allows us to reach the special needs of the individuals we support through major capital purchases. Your donation to Lark’s Capital Fund ensures funding is available for major purchases for facility maintenance, programming needs and supplies, and major equipment.